vegan stew persian carrots healthy best prunes„Why did you come in this car for me?
I told everyone my director uncle was coming.
At least think about my reputation.“
Taxi, Jafar Panahi

Among many film delights, Iranian cinema belongs definitely to our favorites. Besides amazing works by Kiarostami, Makhmalbaf or Ghobadi, there is so much more to discover. For instance the films by Jafar Panahi, with the latest Taxi, rightly deserved winner of this year Berlinale.

As winter this year has been extremely warm so far, our cooking inspirations also started to drift away in direction the Middle East. Iranian cuisine is often seen as very complicated and unique, but well – challenge accepted. This recipe is a modified vegetarian version of a Persian lamb stew Khoresht Havij ba Aloo. Sweet prunes combined with citrus sour tamarind and warming cinnamon give this stew a fabulously winter-like flavor. So with no time to lose, whether by taxi or simply on foot, just visit the closest spice bazaar and discover the amazing aroma fusion from the Persian Empire.

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chocolate cake chestnuts french deserts vegan glutenfree

“Let them eat cake”
Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola

When searching for some new sweet inspirations among the variety of French desserts you will come across many recipes for sweet delights with chestnuts in the main role. The legendary marron glace, Charlotte aux marrons –  a chestnut mousse with wafers and chocolate frosting, Christmas special treat Bûche à la châtaigne or our favourite Mont Blanc, a very non-vegan combination of meringue, whipped cream and chestnut cream, are probably the best known ones.

But why French? Rewatching Marie Antoinette will probably make you want to eat cakes all day long. If you haven’t seen the film or just need a recap, check the I want candy song with one of the most mouthwatering movie scenes that will awaken the sweet tooth deep inside you. And in that case you should try this very chocolate cake with a smooth and silky chestnuts cream on top. To give it very special winter-puff, add the orange peel and voilà. This cake needs just a moment to bake. Luckily, as you won’t be able to resist that smell for too long.

chestnut chocolate cake vegan gluten-free best delicoius