Super healthy and delicious pancakes with fresh blueberries and homemade hazelnut milk


Super healthy and delicious pancakes with fresh blueberries and homemade hazelnut milk.
You stay alive, baby. Do it for Van Gogh.”
Blue Velvet
, David Lynch

What do you do when stormy weather destroys your summer weekend plans? My answer to that is comfort food. These blueberry pancakes, enriched with homemade hazelnut milk are perfect for lazy Sunday brunch, but will comfort you on every single level also as a single breakfast dish.

Not only are blueberries a rich source of iron, Vitamin A and E, magnesium, zinc and folate and many others, but they also contain a diverse range of phenolic compounds which contribute to their antioxidant capacity. Thanks to all that they rank within 20 most nutritional fruits and vegetables on the planet. Yup, they are pretty much a superstar ;).

Now is the perfect time to buy fresh blueberries in a shop or plan a berry picking adventure in a nearby forest. They will keep you alive for a long time, baby.


Total Time: 30 minutes

Serving Size: 12 pancakes


200g favourite flour (oat flour in my case)
200-300 ml hazelnut milk + 1 tsp vanilla extract
3 tbsp flaxseed meal
1 tbsp chia seeds
3-5 tbsp of hazelnut meal
1 ripe banana
120g blueberries
some apricots and blueberries for decoration
0.5 tsp baking powder
1tsp baking soda
favourite oil for frying (coconut oil in my case)


If you want to make your own hazelnut milk, soak 150g hazelnuts overnight. Add 3 glasses of water and 1 tsp vanilla extract and blend for 1 minute on high speed. Use a nut bug or a cheesecloth to strain the liquid. You can use the leftover pulp for the pancakes.

Blend banana with milk. Add all the dry ingredients and mix well together. You can set it aside for couple of minutes for flaxseed and chia seed to soak the liquid. If it’s too dry add more milk, if it’s too watery - add more flour or hazelnut pulp. At the last stage, add the blueberries.

Fry on medium heat using oil of your choice - coconut oil will add some special flavour to it. Serve with favourite seasonal fruits, maple syrup or whipped coconut cream.

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