“Hello, Danny. Come and play with us. Come and play with us, Danny.
Forever… and ever… and ever.”
Shining, Stanley Kubrick

Not only fans of Kubrick’s works know, he was fascinated or even obsessed with RED colour. RED is energizing, powerful and stimulating. It symbolizes extremes: passion, desire but also anger and violence. All of these you can find in his films. To refresh them, just check this great “Supercut”.

For more refreshment try our juice. So simple: only two fruits, but seem to be pretty good combination: the sourness of REDcurrant is broken by watermelon’s sweetness, very passionate fusion which needs a lot of ice cubes!

For those who are not convinced yet, let me tell you REDcurrants contain much soluble fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol and also keeps blood sugar levels in control. They also have a lot of vitamin C and great amount of vitamin K which supports blood clotting. On the list of benefits you will also find iron – important for oxygen transportation to the muscles, and just as watermelon they contain a lot of lycopene, a super antioxidant, which stops free radicals from damaging your cells or can even reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

As you see, it will give you energy and keep you very strong, even to play with Danny…

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Delicious watermelon and almond cheese salad with fresh mint and chilli pepper
“I mean, nobody wants to see the big picture. Life’s too complicated”.
Cube, Vincenzo Natali

Today it’s all about the shape. Inspired by a photography Cubes by design studio Lernert & SanderI decided also to give the food some shape. Dutch artists and filmmakers duo from Netherlands cut unprocessed 98 different foods into perfectly precise 2.5cm cubes joined in the symmetric rows turning it into hypnotising piece of art.

From the „can’t take my eyes off“-photo to the „can’t take my fork off“-salad: here come the ice-cold watermelon balls with almond cheese cubes, joined by the refreshing mint and chilli dressing, cause my summer goes on…

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